Ablative armor is armor which prevents damage or penetration through the process of ablation. The removal or absorption of material in the protective armor surface by vaporization, ricochet, or chipping, or other erosive processes. In contemporary spacecraft, ablative plating is most frequently seen as an ablative heat shield for a vehicle that must enter earth's atmosphere from orbit, such as on nuclear warheads, or space vehicles like the Mars Pathfinder probe. The idea is also commonly encountered in science fiction.

Many of our armoring technicians have years of craft experience and an extensive expertise in many facets of the armoring business. Some of our senior fitter craftsmen have been in the armoring industry for several decades and over the years they were responsible for having developed many types of first class armored and bespoke specialist vehicles.

Our continuing development of proprietary armoring methods and materials allow AVA to meet the very highest standards of the armoring industry. Our armoring utilizes a variety of materials that achieve the right balance between uncompromising safety, weight, performance and value.

At various stages during production, an independent certified mechanical engineer has the responsibility of checking the materials and production methods for every vehicle . Prior to shipment, the independent mechanical engineer stamps and certifies each vehicle's quality certificate to confirm that the vehicle has met the stringent armoring requirements of insurance underwriters.


ARMORING KITS-Concept-Design-Engineering-Sub-Contract & attending Quality Inspectors-Assembly team & Final Inspection By Independent Engineers. To construct the DEFIANT LAV, strategic materials are first purchased by ADA. ADA then supplies the strategic materials to sub-contractors, pre-qualified manufactures who are supervised by ADA's quality inspectors while manufacturing the DEFIANTS modules. Subsequently, ADA's assembly team receives the DEFIANT'S modules and ensures that the fitment of the kit is in accordance with the design parameter. When undertaking their inspection, the team fully assembles the integrated Carapace module. The assembled DEFIANT Carapace kit is ready for delivery directly to the client. The client's assembly team will mount the kit in-house on either a suitable Dodge or Ford chassis. A construction video is supplied, but if requested, ADA's inspectors will coach the assembly team on how to mount the Carapace on a chassis. In the case of exporting a kit outside of Canada, the kit will be packaged for export. ADA will supervise the kit assembly and chassis mounting in-country followed by a local independent engineering inspection.


Defiant Ablation Inc or in short DAI will strive to excel in delivering the absolute best of innovative vehicle carapace armor. The carapace body will be manufactured in a modular kit form to allow for our client’s and their appointed inspector’s to scrutinize every stage of our production of their armored carapace. The client’s inspection process will ensure that the ballistic protection and security provided for in our carapace armored body will provide exceptional value with the best of oversite to ensure their protection and the safety of their colleagues. As we step forward to meet our foregoing obligations, we at DAI will concentrate on the four keystone components of our business that we consider essential for the safety of our clients, our staff, and our strategic suppliers. To operate an ethical business in the armored vehicle carapace manufacturing industry to meet the challenges of providing an exceptional product, with uncompromising service and warranty. A new carapace armor concept perhaps, when we delegate a role to our client’s at every stage of our production, with strict quality checks by their independent inspectors. Likewise, DAI will ensure that even though many of our armoring fitters, technicians, engineers, and sub-contractors have years of craft experience and extensive expertise in many facets of the armoring business, that accountability for their role and exceptional input into the carapace’s production will be assured.. We promise to do our best with the armoring, and design techniques available and effectively used by DAI, along with the exceptional strategic armoring products supplied by our vendors; we are dedicated to our craft and the opportunities that we have created for our firm and we hope that there will be few places in the world where better protection will be engineered than within one of our armored carapace vehicle bodies. The continued support of our clients must be the bedrock of our business. Without their support and recommendations there can be little growth. We do not intend on falling into a pattern that has already been developed in our industry due to intense competition where cheaper labour, cheaper prices, cheaper material, a lack of oversight with independent inspections, has set the standard for inadequately built carapace armored vehicle bodies..











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